2020 West Hillandale Swim Club


As you are aware, even in the midst of uncertainty, there are fixed costs associated with the physical maintenance of our neighborhood pool.  A detailed explanatory letter was sent out on May 11, 2020 via email. If you did not receive this communication, please contact Judith Harrsion for a copy of the email.

As such, we are requesting that all members who are able to - please pay $200 towards the cost of this maintenance, as the Board continues to plan for the next steps.


If you have questions about becoming a donor, please contact Judith Harrison, President, West Hillandale Swim Club at WHSCmember@gmail.com If you're ready to share some of that windfall you inherited from Dear Aunt Bertha to help improve our community asset, please click on the button below:


(We, like Aunt Bertha, are especially fond of Uncle Benjamins)

Thanks to the Pretzel Bakery for donating pretzels to the Beer and Pretzel fundraisers!