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Unfortunately, we have hit our membership capacity for the 2021 swim season. If you'd like to be added to the waitlist, please email

Refund Policy

Two weeks before opening:         Full refund of the annual dues paid (no questions asked)

By June 15:                                       2/3 refund of the annual dues paid (must have a defensible reason)

After June 15:                                  No refunds


Refund does not include any initiation fees assessed or back payments owed.


If a refund is granted, membership stake is forfeited and the use of the facility is immediately revoked. Individuals receiving refunds must pay the full initiation fee again before rejoining the club.


West Hillandale Swim Club does not prorate or split memberships.

Online Payment Info

Got Babies?


Congrats on that new bundle of joy! But we're guessing you had no idea diapers cost that much did you? Not to worry, we've been there and to help ease your pain we're offering new members whose kids are all under three years of age as of June 1st, their first year membership at the Couple or Single rate as appropriate.

Registration Form

For those paying online: After making your payment please download and then email a completed registration form to

For those paying by check, please send check and completed paper form in the mail to the addres given on the form. (Those paying by check will save the online payment charges.)

Ready to take the plunge? Good! You're decisive and goal oriented, that's what we like to see! Let's get straight to the point:

Pool Membership Categories and Annual Dues for the 2020 season
(All membership levels include an additional $75 infrastructure fee*) 


Family: $570
A family is defined as one or two adults and all children, other immediate relatives, and child caretakers (i.e., au pair or nanny) living in the same household under the same roof. 


Couple: $460
A couple is defined as a two-person household (i.e., two adults living in the same household, or a single parent with one child).


Single: $370
A single is defined as anyone eighteen years or older.


*For the Infrastructure Improvement Fund. This is a dedicated fund to pay for upgrades & repairs to the pool.


New Member Initiation Fee: $265** 

In addition to the annual dues, new members pay a one-time $265 initiation fee. This fee can be paid in one installment, or over the course of two years. The initiation fee purchases a voting share in the club. **Initiation Fee is included in the Membership price for new members joining prior to July 1st.

If you want to do a Paypal to Paypal transfer, please email   first to obtain the proper account information.