Legalitry: noun, 1. Legal Type Stuff.


Okay we know its not really a word because some of our best friends are lawyers, members even! Anyway, our lawyer friends insist that we have this stuff on our web page. It makes us all feel, - you know - safer.

Our pool is run and managed by a team of volunteers. We are grateful to them and the 50 years of past board members who have donated their time and talents to preserving WHSC.

Whereases and Wherefores, and all sorts of good stuff about how to get elected The Social Chair because after all, that's why we're all here.

PLEASE READ!!!  These rules have been OVERHAULED (and annotated accordingly to draw attention to the changes) due to COVID-19.  To stay safe, please read and follow ALL of them CAREFULLY! 

Thanks so much!

Not really legalitry, but good to throw out in conversation at neighborhood cocktail parties, like you've been around for awhile.