West Hillandale Swim Club is an outdoor community pool in Silver Spring, MD
Voted by our members as the
"Best Pool in the State"! 


Well of course that's true otherwise we wouldn't be members would we? But seriously, our laid back, no drama, family friendly, chill neighborhood vibe is what makes this Silver Spring pool the place to relax for that after work dip, or lazy Sunday afternoon reading a novel with your toes dangling in the water. And the kids? Well at West Hillandale Swim Club, they practically take care of themselves. BTW that's not a stock photo, those are our kids, in our pool... for real. (And these are really our guards, too!)

The West Hillandale Dolphins 

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Fun Fact: Our swim team is actually older than our pool. Founded in 1959, the Dolphins predate the building of the swim club by four years. The Dolphins are an open, supportive swim team available to children ages 5 to 18 of all fitness and skill levels.

Oh yeah, and don't forget the Barbeque. 


Sure other pools let you grill, but our barbecue club means that on Chill & Grill Tuesday nights we take our four Webers and light'em up for you! Hot and ready by the time you get home from work, no muss no fuss. Just hot coals waiting for your dogs, brats, burgers and corn. Kitchen, microwave, refrigerator and ice machine?

Yup, we've got those too.

WHSC is a Montgomery County swimming pool & Barbeque Club